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Our aim is simply to provide our laser eye surgery patients in Melbourne with outstanding results, and care that exceed their expectations. Many of our patients tell us that their eye treatment has been the best thing they have done in their lives. After almost 20 years of helping people , we are as motivated as ever to give our patients “Rolls Royce attention”.

If you are looking for a mass marketed, production line type laser eye surgeons, we are sorry , you have come to the wrong web site !

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Our fee for treatment is currently $2700 per eye for Lasik treatment using Intralase, or $2200 for PRK laser eye surgery as of January, 2014.

If you would like more information about laser eye surgery in Melbourne, then please contact us now. Or we have more information through this site, including a page dedicated to cataract removal.

Meet Dr Mark Cherny

Over age 40 ?
Hate reading glasses?

The Eye Laser Clinic of Victoria has a wealth of experience in helping people over age 40 regain their ability to read books, text messages and documents without glasses. It is natural to lose near vision in this age group. Dr Cherny commonly uses Lasik with Monovision to restore near vision. Monovision places one eye in near focus, and the other eye into distance focus.

Wanting a second opinion?

Many of the patients that we see have already looked into laser eye sight correction and come along wanting a second opinion. We usually find that there is additional information and insights that we can give which our patients find helpful. In some instances, we have been able to find that only one eye needs correction instead of two that have been previously advised. Some patients have been able to save up to 60% of the cost of their treatment simply by seeing us for a second opinion. Learn More

Finance Plans

We can provide finance plans to eligible patients. We understand that the cost of laser eye surgery can be a cause to delay treatment, so to help our clients afford to fix their eyesight, we can provide information about financing where applicable. We also offer discounted fees for Pensioners and Veterans who need help with their eyesight.. Email us for more information